Vacation in a Pyramid

Ryugyong Hotel

Since Khufu’s pyramid isn’t an option, consider this one being built in Pyongyang, North Korea. Currently under construction, this hotel would be complete at somewhere a little over 1,000 feet tall [under 350 meters, for my metric ninjas]. All that being said, construction halted in 1992, mainly due to budget constraints. What if it were completed, you ask? Well, it would be the world’s largest hotel/seventh largest building, have 3.9 million square feet of interiror space, and 7 [yes, seven] rotating restaurants.

Artist rendering

Another interesting tidbit - in official photos of the city, the building is doctored so it appears illuminated at night, even though it is not in use. So much for honesty in politics.

Stumbled across the project at Eikongraphia, more info at the project’s wiki.


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Posted: September 29th, 2006
at 2:51pm by orangemenace

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