Bristol Palin: Slightly Retahded

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The daughter of a conservative evangelical christian politician saying abstinence isn’t realistic? Priceless.

But really tho, that’s why you got pregnant? Because keeping it in your pants is unrealistic? The MNP crew doesn’t practice abstinence as a rule, and we’re not all running around with babies. Hmm…I wonder why that is…oh yeah…


This chick is the poster child for teaching ‘safe’ and ‘responsible’ sex eduction in schools. Because abstinence is unrealistic - some youngins will still be gettin’ it on. The answer seems pretty simple to a ninja - teach the babies that they don’t want to be havin’ babies, and to use a condom / birth control. Shit, I’d advise giving all girls in high school ‘the pill’ like daily vitamins before abstinence as an answer to teen pregnancy [note: I don’t really think all high school girls should be on the pill, necessarily].

Also, a message to Bristol: sex isn’t simpler if you ‘wait 10 years’ - having children, however, might be. Simpler still? A trojan. Cheap, easy to get, simple to use, pretty effective.
[And for those of you who think we shouldn’t talk trash to a teenage girl - her fam decided it was cool to parade her in front of the cameras, and expect no response due to her age - which is BS]


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