Anti- Biters Campaign

Why are we doing this? There are hundreds of web sites where you can find lyrics to today’s popular songs. In relation, there are very few real-live people who actually transcribe them. Transcribers do this for the sake of sharing their passion for the music. Think of it as a contribution or a public service. No one gets paid to do this, so "fun" is the motivating factor here.

This is not to imply that crediting the "source" means the individual or site "owns" the lyrics. "Crediting" has simply come to identify the individuals who took the time to transcribe and share the result with the world. That’s all.

When individuals come and steal (ie: bite) other people’s lyric transcriptions, then spread them all over cyberspace improperly, it becomes quite annoying. More importantly, it takes the fun out of it. Remove the fun, transcribers will start to disappear. No more transcribers, the lyrics start to disappear. No more lyrics, lyrics sites start to disappear!

So do your part in the battle against lyrics stealing and stop these people from getting a free ride. Send them email and and respectfully tell them you’d like to see them list sources. It’s such a simple thing. Simple as "ABC". SUPPORT The ABC. Recognize!!!


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Posted: January 22nd, 2009
at 12:15am by Koookiecrumbles

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