Goldfish Training Kit


Picture it: Lassie returns to the house barking. "What is it girl? Timmy’s fallen down the well?" And then everyone runs to get that little fool out. But it’s too late. Goldie already saved Timmy’s sorry butt. Because Goldie is the goldfish you trained with your R2 Fish Training School Kit - and fish lives in the well! Ok, so that was a little overdramatic, but when you put your fish though Fish School, you’ll be amazed by the talent of your little scaly friend.

Take a sec and watch the video, we’ll wait . . . done? No stunt fish or special effects were used; that was an actual fish trained using this kit. You get everything you need to teach your fish to play football, play soccer, limbo, weave, fetch, go through tubes, and more! And then you can quit your job and go on tour. It’ll be just you, Twinkie the fish, and the open road. With the R2 Fish Training School Kit and a little perseverance, the world is your oyster . . . well, goldfish.

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Posted: November 24th, 2008
at 6:13pm by Koookiecrumbles

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