Composite of the Future?


A new composite material being developed plans to revolutionize the composites industry with its extreme properties. The material is called Buckypaper, named after Buckminster Fuller, due to its use of carbon nanotubes that resemble Fullers Geodesic domes.

Buckypaper is said to have an electrical conductivity similar to copper or silicon, that is 10 times lighter and potentially 500 times stronger than steel. Buckypaper gets its strength from the positioning of the carbon nanotubes and their great surface area.

With its extremely high tolerances, Buckypaper will bring vast improvements in structural strength and in weight savings. Plan to see it used in everything from Airplanes and automobiles, to TVa€™s and other high tech products. With all its great qualities Buckypaper seems to have a bright future, but can anything be said for its sustainable qualities, or plans for its reuse?

Unfortunately there arena€™t many sustainable composite alternatives to fiberglass or carbon fiber. It is an industry based on synthetic compounds that are as strong and useful as they are difficult to recycle and reuse. Since Buckypaper is still at a developmental stage, time should be taken for not only maximizing performance, but also addressing issues of reclamation and reuse. Like fiberglass, Buckypaper might be a great material with dismal health and environmental concerns. In todaya€™s world, truly game-changing materials should not only exist in the realm of high performance but also be reclaimable and manufactured with the materials entire life cycle in mind.

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Posted: November 18th, 2008
at 1:22am by Koookiecrumbles

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  1. speaking of “new” composites…. Hemp can be used to make fiberglass equivelents, and fiberboards that are twice as strong as wood. Hemp is estimated to have 25,000 human uses, it is the future of many products IMO. it can even be used in autobodies
    like this prototype lotus :)

    sorry if the lotus was already posted on mnp i cant remember where i found it


    24 Nov 08 at 12:51 pm



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