Ninja Homes: Cabin by Lode Architects


Built on the site of a former 12 x 4.5 meter barn near Honfleur, France, this cabin by Lode Architects gives a feeling of elegant, earthy minimalism. Very much your typical - if not well built - cabin from the exterior, the architect’s intent is truly expressed inside - where the cabin walls are a clean, unfinished plywood and the floors are a contrasting black rubber. All of the cabin’s functions are grouped in the center of the building, with a galley kitchen opening out onto the deck [seen below] - opposite which sits a large tub [also below] within an open space, looking out through a large window onto the landscape.




The two large windows - on either end of the cabin - sit within walls that are painted a matte black, in order to create a stark contrast with the views of the landscape outside.


Additionally, this project is the first [I believe] to utelize Wallpaper* Magazine’s ‘interactive floor plan’ feature - where visitors to the site can click an arrow located within a project’s floor plan to see a photo of the corresponding view, both for the project’s interior + exterior. Great idea.
View the project + its interactive floor plan at Wallpaper*.

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Posted: November 7th, 2008
at 8:30am by orangemenace

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