affairs guaranteed?

…"guaranteed" is one of those words that is easily misspelled…
..or misspoken.AA So, when I heard on the radio that this site,, was offering "affairs guaranteed" I thought that I had stepped into a culture warp (which turns out not to be entirely untrue).

Ashely Madison’s (that’s the name of the licentious luxury service, apparently, not a pen name for Paris Hilton and no relation to James Woods’ 20 year old chick) whole shtick is that it provides affairs for people who are trapped in relationships that don’t satisfy their carnal and/or emotional, but uh, mostly carnal, needs.AA It functions, I would imagine, as a pairing service that charges a fee, at least from what I understood from the advert.

My Ninja, Please!AA It seems like we should have known it would eventually come to this, with the popularity of craig’s list casual encounters and what have you, but it still seems weird that this would be so normalized.AA OK, I mean, I don’t mean to be puritanical, and I’m generally known to fight against the forces of the sex police in our society, but all I was trying to do was hear the new Lil Wayne single at 3PM on Monday afternoon, like every other 12 year old girl.AA That made me wonder about whether there was something inherently wrong about this… or at least about hearing the surreptitiously (or, not so) suggestive soundbite on the radio.AA I mean… what if I was in the car with my mama?AA I’m not saying my mama in particular, but, some of ya’ll peoples’ mama’s have been known to be all up on craig’s list.

I’m just saying… take it as you will.AA Even click one of the links… if you’re on that sort of grind [ both of the site name links take you different places ].

What was also interesting is, they cover up for their users, too. If that site charges your card for credits purchased, something else like AML Labs will show up on the credit card bill, and they have a whole division dedicated to throwing suspicious spouses off the track of what the charges are for. In essence; they have a division whose whole purpose is to lie for their clientele. [link]


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Posted: November 4th, 2008
at 1:33am by Black Ock

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