Ninja Homes: Crab House


Having crabs was never so cool!

Sure, Crab House isn’t really that original necessarily - I mean, it’s just Corbu‘s 5 points but on the beach - but come on my people, it has feckin’ crab legs. CRAB LEGS.

Designed by architect Andrea Salvini, Crab House is part of a study of projects for Fire Island, NY [all three are interesting and worth checking out - no crustacean legs on the others tho, unfortunately]. Meant as a contemporary take on the beach house, Crab House was actually inspired by crabs - creating ‘legs’ [stilts] that raise the house off the ground to preserve the land below.


So sure - I know the hater inside you [yeah, we know there is a hater inside you my ninja] is screaming ‘those are just bent pilotis‘! And he/she/it would be right. But did Corb ever design anything that looked like it had legs instead of stilts? That might have walked straight out of the surf? That might scurry away if you come chasing after it with a plastic pail, shovel, and some butter?

I didn’t think so.


Additionally, it has a [mostly] open plan, with contemporary interiors [nice rendering, I think] - and an open facade facing the ocean. All more of the 5 points. It’s also designed with environmentally friendly materials, and meant to have a minimal footprint so as to not disturb the coastal area.

But with crab legs.


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Posted: September 24th, 2008
at 11:00am by orangemenace

Categories: architecture,ninja homes

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