Lagos Baby 1963-69

Fela-Ransome Kuti a€" Lagos Baby 1963-69

It’s taken me a while to get around to writing up this compilation for two reasonsa€"two relevant ones anywaya€"the first is that I am not really all that informed about Highlife music, or Afro-Beat, and I didna€™t really want to fall into the clichA© of saying that you love this sort of music but in reality only having a handful of Fela CDs. The seconda€"and maybe slightly more relevanta€"reason is that I cana€™t find anything that I dona€™t like about the release. With that said, here are my thoughts after several listens to this double disc: Like most people around the world, I associate the name Fela Kuti with the larger than life character of the Fela-Anikulapo Kuti days, who formed his own republic and spearheaded the Afro-Beat genre with his band Africa a€™70. As a result I was surprised to find that Lagos Baby focuses on exactly the period of his career that people are least familiar witha€"its beginnings when he was still Fela-Ransome Kuti. From his first recordings in 1963/64 after completing a degree in trumpet and music theory at Trinity College of Music in London, to his welding together of Soul, Highlife and Jazz with the Koola Lobitos band, Felaa€™s early career is showcased with an illustrative selection of recordings. Listening to both discs in order really provides a glimpse at his musical progression and the development of what would later become Afro-Beat. I especially like the tracks that are recorded live at Felaa€™s club the Afro Spot in the Idi-Oro section of Lagos (wherea€"according to the liner notesa€"they used to have sound clashes with visiting bands from Ghanaa€¦ now that would be the cassette to get your hands on). I also really like the four songs that were arranged by Isaac Olashugba (even though Fela may not have played on any of them). Lagos Baby is a well- researched, high quality release that pretty much any one could get into. And for the vinyl-lovers out there the 3LP contains a 10a€A version of the original Afro Beat On Stage, recorded Live at the Afro Spot album from 1966. You can buy it here on 2 CD or 3LP.

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Posted: September 4th, 2008
at 10:57pm by Black Ock

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