The Output Model


Q&A with the top two executives of Craigslist, founder Craig Newmark and CEO Jim Buckmaster:

Q: I know you guys dona€™t want to sell out to make a fast buck, and I appreciate that independent spirit. But you could be making more money by charging minimally for posting in certain categories. Wouldna€™t it be worth it to obtain that money, and donate it to non-profits, charities, or other worthy causes?
JIM: The traditional philanthropic model is to make as much money as possible and then give a percentage back to the community. We do donate more than 1 percent of our revenues to charitable causes, but we feel it is much more important to serve the community directly as our primary business.
CRAIG: Ita€™s more effective to let people keep the cash. We also see that groups like the Gates Foundation have lots of money to donate, but ita€™s very hard to do so in a sustainable way. No one has really figured it out yet.

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Posted: September 2nd, 2008
at 4:45am by Koookiecrumbles

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