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Anyone even a little bit into design knows the work of the Eames, probably for their molded plywood and/or fiberglass/plastic chairs [like the one I’m sitting in now]. Taking cues from the classic works of the Eames, designer Joanna M Hawley has created a wood, carbon fiber, and leather prosthetic leg. Looks more like this, than the bent plywood - pretty dope either way.


From Joanna M Hawley:

Eames-inspired Prosthetic Leg

Prosthetics generally lack humanity, style and grace. Often, they look much like landing gear and make the wearer uncomfortable, self aware, and sometimes depressed. By channeling the Eames’ use materials and iconic style, we designed a leg with Steve McQueen in mind. We sought to convey a creative use of positive and negative space, a balance of materials and a reflection of the wearer.

This project taught me to expand my use of research materials. We interviewed several amputees in varying stages of acceptance, met with Sephora color specialists to discuss skin tones, and 3D laser scanned actual legs to translate the proportions of the human body into CAD. Through a wide range of techniques, I explored the challenge of designing something with the body in mind.

team member : Kayhan Haj-Ali-Ahmadi (a pre-med student with whom I worked to gain further knowledge about the body)


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Posted: August 21st, 2008
at 10:00am by orangemenace

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