The Future of the Book


The no-loading features of a book really counter point the content (or books) found on a screen. All you have to do is read and breathe and turn the page. Incredible that books have lasted this long- there not going any where. While we do not recommend transferring your blog directly to a book, refer to lifehacker on how to do it.

The printed, bound, and paid-for book wasAAa€" still is for the momentAAa€" more exacting, more demanding of its producer and consumer both. It was the encounter, in silence, of two minds, one following in the other’s steps but invited to imagine, to argue, to concur on a level of reflection beyond that of personal encounter. via

However "networked texts" will have the last word. It is up to the system to decide which experience will be better for the value of the word.

Be sure to head on over to The Institute for the Future of the Book which will soon be releasing The Googlization of Everything..

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Speaking of a new society, networked media sounds a whole lot better right about now. According to Jeff Jarvis, this new society is:

built on connections, links, transparency, openness, publicness, listening, trust, wisdom, generosity, efficiency, markets, niches, platforms, networks, speed, and abundance. buzzmachine

Hmmm, well then blogging also becomes a publishable source from here on out and no longer just an extension of personality. Maybe a "blook" is merely a longer book…


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Posted: August 12th, 2008
at 6:14am by Koookiecrumbles

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