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Located in Glienicke - a German municipality located north or Berlin - House L is a sustainable [read : minimum impact], site-integrated home for a family of four, designed by AMNP‘s ADLS 08.10.2007 : Pott Architects.


The house literally folds up out of the landscape - constructed at the top of a hill, House L is embedded in the hillside and looks back out over the sloping forest terrain. Beyond the views it frames down the slope, this connection to the terrain also allowed the house to have a minimum impact on the existing site. The surrounding landscape was preserved as much as possible, creating a building that now seems to exist as a part of the local forest, instead of appearing as an outside insertion upon the land.


The objective was a house designed sensitively enough to harmonize with its natural surroundings, leaving intact the mature trees and the whole forest-like atmosphere of the setting. The building was to feel wide open to the changing natural seasons and the sunlight, drawing them close to the family’s everyday home life [via Pott Architects].


While I’ve been unable to find plans/sections of the house, the rooms seem to be organized so that the public space - kitchen, dining + living rooms - are all within a large, bright, open space that looks out over the landscape, while the more private spaces - bed + bath rooms - are ‘buried’ within the hillside.


::images via Pott Architects::

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Posted: August 6th, 2008
at 2:59pm by orangemenace

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