The Phoenix Lights - Documentary

It’s not Monday right now, but it’s definitely time for a documentary. This one is about the so-called "Phoenix Lights." Some of you may remember this fiasco, with literally hundreds of people around Phoenix reporting seeing some sort of huge mega-craft with flashing lights. At the time, the then governor held a press conference disclaiming and, basically, mocking the entire thing. Several years after his tenure we learned straight from the horse’s mouth that he was strongly encouraged by the powers that be to hold this conference.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a good documentary. Judge for yourself what happened. Continually, after the fact, we find that UFO sightings turn out to be government activities (or Nazi’s) that go unnoticed, save for by the shrewd few who happen to be looking at whatever part of the mostly deserted sky. Test pilots for new technologies are often seen laughing on the documentaries ten years later about how everybody freaked out they first time they saw a stealth bomber. On the other hand, as we’ve reported to you in the past, many fighter pilots and astronauts - directly from the glory days of American sky dominance - including Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, have reported seeing unexplained airborne… vehicles.


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Posted: July 23rd, 2008
at 8:42am by Black Ock

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  1. very interesting, i love these UFO docs! and always been a true beleiver in life outside of earth, i just hope one day we get to find out whats going on at area 51 where they supposedly have aliens and UFOs!!
    The government has good reason not to tell everyone if they did make contact with aliens as this alone could dismiss all world regions as false by giving us new info as to the origins of humans and life, who knows what kind of effect this might have upon religious people countries, so they must be careful what they tell the public, it could cause a war!


    24 Jul 08 at 9:36 am



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