Baseball and Philosophy Part 2


Back to baseball and philosophy part II. With quite a lot of approaches to competing in the diamond game, from the runner’s game, to the pitching and defense game, mechanics and such, I’ve decided that the team is the formula.

Some might say like the Devil Rays that there is no strategy to America’s ‘perfect game’ apart to solely winning Wall Street or like Earl Weaver ((mp3)) says : it’s none of your business!

Aligning the stoics with the extremes of baseball seems to be easy for some. And again for others, who speculate on even if there is just philosophy to start off with, with the hardball versus softball debate. Where are the women?

Or that saying "all philosophies are taken" can also be seen as being quite selfish. Sharing is the name of the game, so how come I haven’t revealed any of my personal philosophies? I can’t, I won’t, I will, but not yet.

The rules of the game rule and the "hunches, guesswork, grittiness, gutsiness, the lore of the lunch-pail work ethic" paled against the traditionalists rests where I would start a few fore none philosophy. Next let’s attend the experience and environment conference.


To wonder about the base stealing factor or to focus on those clutch situational players…….?

….Enough of the whoopla, here is John Rawls’ end point philosophy from a letter that was found by the author of the article with the least amount of resistance:

"[Finally], there is the factor of time, the use of which is a central part of any game. Baseball shares with tennis the idea that time never runs out, as it does in basketball and football and soccer. This means that there is always time for the losing side to make a comeback."


words by Phelton Skypes


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Posted: July 24th, 2008
at 6:00am by Koookiecrumbles

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