China: No a€oeGo China!a€A banners at the Olympics


Reporter: Why the ban on banners or posters such as a€oeGo China!a€A being brought in?

BOGOC: This Olympic Games is being held in Beijing, and we are the hosts. Volunteers know that everyone will be writing a€oeGo China!a€A, which isn’t so bad in itself, but will we be able to read the signs written by the attendees from the other 200+ countries? Do we still let them in or not? If we think for a second, of the previous Olympic Games in Athens or the next Games in London, if they were to stop us from bringing in the banners we’d prepared because they can’t read Chinese, how would we be feeling?

Also, the five Olympic rings represent the unity of the five continents, as well as the meeting of athletes from around the world for fair and open competitions at the Olympic Games in a friendly spirit; the spirit of Olympic Games competitions is a fair and just competitive spirit. We want the Olympic Games to transcend all political ideology, be it China, Japan, America or France, so that all people can be just like the Olympic rings, and everybody can enjoy the celebration together, happily, advancing understanding of one another. The appearance of all sorts of banners at the venues would surely ruin this kind of atmosphere, which is why for the past several decades the International Olympic Games Organizing Committee has consistently insisted on implementing this rule. globalvoicesonline


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Posted: July 22nd, 2008
at 10:05pm by Koookiecrumbles

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