Lindsay Lohan Leggings

As parents, we try to protect our little ninjas from the horrors of life - especially in this over-driven American pop-culture economy. And… we were doing a find job until Lindsay Lohan decided to go and design leggings with kneepads.

What?? Don’t look at me like that - I’m not making this up:


You don’t have to be as skinny as Lindsay to wear her leggings, or as crazy. But it helps.

We thought we had to wait until the end of August for the 6126 leggings line, oh-so-originally named for Marilyn Monroe’s birthday, to appear at Fred Segal. Hat tip to Perez Hilton for the great news that we can see the first four items and get them early, as in right this minute!

Yes, if you’ve been dying for a pair of shiny leggings…with built-in, quilted knee pads…named "Mr. President" (Finish the tasteless Friday joke: what’s the difference between an egg, meat and a ____ ___? Hint: you can’t beat it!) then today is your lucky day.

Get a look at the rest of this traumatic magic in the gallery, or head on over to shop intuition and place your order now, before they’re gone. Those leopard ankle gloves are going to fly off the shelves. Absolutely fly.


If you’re worried about what kind of message this is sending to the youth, you might be a chronic sufferer of a little known disease called common sense. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are as many as 5 Americans just like you!


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Posted: July 17th, 2008
at 8:52am by Black Ock

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