The Most Powerful Motivators


What are the most powerful motivators for good?

Some of us just see a better world, and can’t wait to get there. Some of us are affronted by the brutality of brutal systems. For some of us, the impetus arises from the spirit of can do in a social network, or the inspiration of a beloved mentor. And for some of us, it’s one of the four things the young prince Gautama who would one day be Buddha ran across, when he escaped his father’s castle and came face to face for the first time with

-old age

You don’t have to be a future Buddha to notice these things, and indeed it may have helped Gautama to see them more clearly, that he had been kept hidden away in a luxurious palace, surrounded by friends and servants in the flower of youth and health until that fateful day.

But poverty, sickness, old age and death are direct affronts to our hopes: we can turn away from them and pretend they don’t exist, or we can face them and use them as the Buddha did, to act as an impetus for a life of compassion, of caring in action. [read the rest at socialedge]


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Posted: July 16th, 2008
at 6:48am by Koookiecrumbles

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