Douglas Fogle: a€oeLife on Marsa€A


Can you elaborate on the Life on Mars theme? Ita€™s a reference to a song on the David Bowie album a€oeHunky Dorey.a€A Can you explain the metaphor aspect of that?

FOGLE: The title of the exhibition came much later than the actual show started developing. In 112 years, the show has never had a title other than The Carnegie International. And I really wanted to start the exhibition before you walked in the door, so I wanted something that was evocative without closing down, meaning that it opened up questions before you walked in the door. I have always been a big David Bowie fan, and the song a€oeLife on Mars,a€A which is on the a€oeHunky Doreya€A album that he did I think in a€71 or a€72, ita€™s a song that really talks about kind of a world spinning out of control and about a€" he longingly asked the question, a€oeis there life on Mars?a€A For me, thinking about other worlds, thinking about what contemporary art does, it takes you to other worlds. Therea€™s a sense of the relevancy of [the David Bowie song a€oeLife on Marsa€A] for today, given the unmoored nature of the global sort of world that we live in, political events, cultural events, and whatnot. So it seemed like and apt title to give, and an evocative title to give to an exhibition that was about 40 contemporary artists from all over the world.

The lyrics express a desire for humans to connect with each other, with another world?

FOGLE: Yes. I wouldna€™t put too much stock in it a€" I dona€™t want the title to lock down and clamp down on the artists in a way. It is a metaphor. Ita€™s just kind of what I just said, which I think, for me, ita€™s a metaphor of thinking about other worlds, thinking about utopian places, thinking about a human longing for connection or for escape, either way. So for me it really is a way, just a very loose framework on which to hang a€" to get someone in the door thinking about the exhibition before they see the show.



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Posted: May 22nd, 2008
at 7:23am by Koookiecrumbles

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