Guns For Pretty Ninjas

guns for ninjas

Don’t let me hear anyone say that these weapons are for girls, because you might see me running towards you one night in my matching baby-blue and leopard-spotted Tims, ready for some ninjatastic beef.

This jiggy retro collection from designer Antonio Riello, created in 1988, features weapons, each inspied by and named after a particular woman in his life. I know ninjas don’t generally rock battle-axes, but I’m gonna make an exception for the one with a plush fur handle. Ferreal.

via the cool hunter


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Posted: August 31st, 2006
at 11:45am by Black Ock

Categories: art,weaponry,design

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  1. […] If you ask me, the best thing about these things is that they come in different colors. That way I can get one to match my pretty gun. […]



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