Good Fridays by The Karma Army

Do something Good this Friday. Tell me what it was. Tell me whether it made you feel better. Tell me if anything good happened to you in the two days that followed. If karma exists, you are the living proof.

Click here to tell me what you did…

The more good deeds you do, the higher up in the Karma Army you will rise. Maybe one day you will able to say you are a Sergeant in the Karma Army. Maybe one day youa€™ll even make it to Major. Imagine that!

Have a look at this happy old mana€™s face… why is it happy? Because Joinee Dixon of London works in a bar called Malibu, and gave this man a free beer, in the name of Join Me and The Karma Army!

Could you do something similar this Friday? Or any day? If you do, be sure and tell me about it!

Get involved in The Karma Army! Today! And every Friday, too!

Well done, Joinees.

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Posted: May 2nd, 2008
at 9:16am by Koookiecrumbles

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