Happy Earth Day! Again!

When MyNinjaPlease started, one of our stated goals was to improve the Earth by improving the internets. Sorta like trickle up economics. Well… ninjanomics work on an 8 year cycle like most good things. To speed up the process we are putting out a call to ninjas worldwide: Help ninjas, save the Earth, before it’s too late.


One thing that has always intrigued me about this vast earth is the scale on which mother nature works. I’ve always had a fascination for those things that seem larger than life. Many of those things, at least of the ones that are animals, exist in the depths of the ocean. I’m not about to start talking about the wonders of sea turtles and Manta Rays and Blue whales (click the pics for links), but I will say this. My Ninja, Please, those things are craaazy.


With all the beauty and variety in the world, it’s a wonder to me that ninjas don’t want to do all they can to protect it. Real ninjas are all tree huggers at the bottoms of their hearts. In that spirit, we dedicate the remainder of this week to the Earth and all her bounty. Today we will focus on a couple of noteworthy peculiar animals. How could you not want to walk the earfs and see all these animals you’ve never seen before? Let’s just make sure they’re here for our children. Tomorrow we will do plants. Thursday is landscapes and Friday is a little something special for the uber-ninjas. We hope you enjoy.


Thanks to our very own Jessie for co-ordinating this site wide event. MAKE SURE you check out the green page today, my ninjas. They even have an Earth Day Contest for you. Also, architecture, music, politricks, and robot ninja are all participating!


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Posted: April 22nd, 2008
at 8:52am by Black Ock

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