Kenyan Hoes May Hold Key to AIDS Vaccine

A new study by researchers from the University of Manitoba suggests that some sex workers in Kenya may have a gene that protects them from contracting the deadly HIV/AIDS virus.AA Researches studied 850 sex workers over the course of three years, some of whom had sex with as many as 30 men a day!AA By the end of the three years, most of the prositutes had contracted the virus, but 130 or so did not, despite having had unprotected sex with about 500 men each.AA The scientists believe that these women might be protected from contracting HIV by a gene known as human leukocyte that enables the immune system to recognize HIV and other similar viruses.
I can already hear ODB in heaven reacting to the news:

"Ooooh baby I like it raw, yeah baby I like it raw…."

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Posted: August 30th, 2006
at 10:07am by Pheezatron

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  1. thats potentially some pretty great news. assuming they can get gene therapy on track and this is actually true.


    30 Aug 06 at 11:58 am


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    21 Apr 09 at 2:34 pm



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