Hillary’s Home Video

This whole youtube election thing is a trip, but, I must say… WTF took them so long. It’s not like the internet just came out. Some of ya’ll who watch the fake news on TV may have noticed that we here at MNP have a tendency to be late with our posts on news that’s too popular. That’s just our style. We actually think about what we write [even though that is not readily apparent to the average reader].

So Hillary went and released this video of herself at quite a convenient time. I just posted it because I thought it was pretty interesting. What kind of WASPy mofos were running around with video cameras in 1954? This is the bourgiest working-class-candidate campaign I’ve ever seen by either party in my short tragic life. Can we please see your financial statements?

Now I agree that this post kind of counts as negative advertising, but the whole 3 AM commercial thing got me a little bit mad. I mean, she’s basically proffering the idea that Barack is at home eating chicken or something, totally unprepared for a potential emergency call. And her experience as First Lady somehow qualifies her?

For the naysayers, I digress, you may be right. My own mama postulated that Hillary probably has plenty experience being awake at that time. Who knows where Bill was… probably off eating chicken in Southeast.

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Posted: March 11th, 2008
at 9:35am by Black Ock

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