Why Investigate Steroids?

Posted: February 14th, 2008
at 10:50am by Black Ock

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  1. I think that an important point to consider here is that these politicians HAVE TIME TO DO THIS BULLSHIT. And I’m being serious here – how is it that these guys, who are losing more and more power to the president all the time, can go after sports? Particularly, how do you regulate something that doesn’t involve the Justice System in some way? At least this whole steroid thing involves controlled substances – but what the fuck is Specter doing questioning the NFL? Next week he’ll start visiting school yards across the country – arresting any children he feels aren’t adequately following the agreed upon rules of a game of 4 square. Watch out now!


    15 Feb 08 at 7:51 am


  2. Fuck any congrassman or woman that wants to question fucking sports teams if they took steriods or cheated. Fuck Spector especially, all he is an angry Eagles fan.They already proved that on mike and mike in the morning before the superbowl. By the way the Eagles had three other chances to get to the superbowl so they just suck. Hey spector since you care so much about philly why don’t you take a look at that murder rate, i think it was like around in the hundreds for 2007. Just thought you should know, i mean i dont want to distract you from your witch hunt of the patriots. And for Clemens your going to jail for lying… and Congress where fighting a war right now and you goons care about steriods my ninja please!!!!!!

    X Da Pimp

    21 Feb 08 at 12:32 pm


  3. oh jebus…


    21 Feb 08 at 2:18 pm



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