Cold Ass Football

Because we’re disgusted with hearing the candidates unashamedly quote Dr. King, with no real discussion of race in America, we decided to talk about some football instead.

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The Superbowl in Arizona this year will be between the New England Patriots [which was inevitable] and the New York Giants. A lot of people were rooting for the Packers against New York yesterday, hoping to see a rematch of the 1996 Superbowl, but in the end the New York team won out.

It was a cold day at both frozen Lambeau field and Foxboro. The Patriots were playing against a juiced up San Diego team in 11 degree temperatures. The Giants were battling it out in just about zero degree temperatures, likewise.

Okay, so I admit, the real reason for this post was to gloat just a little bit, but I also wanted to point out something odd. What does it say about the Patriots that the last team we beat up on in the regular season is our next competitor? Playing so well against us gave New York the spark it needed to cruise through the NFC.

Oh well, yet another abnormally large-headed quarterback to face… escaped one just to have to fend off another. Congrats to both teams: I know fans on both sides are fired up.


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Posted: January 21st, 2008
at 4:51am by Black Ock

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