On a side note, this post may actually be a bit along the lines of a comedy routine I saw Katt Williams do talking about how rappers are known to be on stage grabbing their nuts and yelling obscenities at their fans, which is not very nice.


I just wanted ya’ll to know that I thought about it before I say what I’m about to say.

Ya’ll are haters. Why? Don’t ask silly questions.

Because ya’ll thought a bunch of no class un-tucked jersey wearing bird-ass football players could beat the New England Patriots, most definitely one of the greatest dynasties of all time. iIm not saying we’re running the table for 19-0, for I need not speculate on such things.


All I can say is that the league certainly has tried every trick in the book to jinx us. For making us play a record setting impromptu schedue for number of primetime night games. For trying to officiate us out of games. For bringing the biggest hater of them all, Don "crybaby" Shula into the booth on Sunday night for no other reason than to hate on us. They have tried, and thus far they have failed. And we’re still undefeated. No matter what happens this season from here out, we’ll all remember this one for a long time. We New England Patriot fans are just that, Patriotic. We didn’t lose the revolution that started this poor excuse for a country, and we certainly won’t lose the greater idealistic war. Football.


If you got five haters now, you need to figure out how to get to seven before the end of the winter. Just like some of ya’ll will try to say the Pats aren’t fabulous when you know damn well they are. Let the haters do their job.

We have about 5 million.


But in all seriousness, wow what a way to spend a Monday night. And what a a way to win an unwinnable game against a juiced up Ravens team that had all of New England shook up. Amazing effort by both teams, even more so the Ravens. Too bad ya’ll are done-for, cuz like my man Nelson said, you played like Superbowl contenders on this Monday night classic.


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Posted: December 4th, 2007
at 3:06am by Black Ock

Categories: hood status,myninjaplease,too good to be true,games,real life news

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  1. From a little Philly bird: “Fuck that!” You got skills. You got luck. You have a little cocky cry baby for QB, who’s good, but whines like a bitch. I hope you don’t win the whole thing, although it’d be a good story.

    I know you ninja… the dark milks.


    5 Dec 07 at 2:35 pm


  2. whiney bitch?
    yo tom brady will tell anyone, now matter who, how it is.
    the man is golden.
    step off you dirty bird.


    5 Dec 07 at 10:24 pm


  3. YA HEARD ME! For winners yall cry. Eagles are losers arnd we’re angry. Be happy.

    Chalky Milk

    11 Dec 07 at 1:15 pm



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