Guiliani is a Fr**ker


ok so this is a little off topic, but this mother fr**ker guiliani is evil personified, and now he wants to claim the red sox for his own since the yidiyatch-ass yankees couldn’t make it to the series…

Sounds like a baseball flip-flop. Rudy Giuliani, a lifelong New York Yankees fan, said Tuesday he’s pulling for their most hated rivals, the Boston Red Sox, to win the World Series over the Colorado Rockies.

whats next people, sheerioushly. my cousin put it best tho…

What a fucking fucker. I can’t beleive that bullshit. What kind of fucking douchebag turncoat son of a bitch does that shit? What a fucking phony fucker.

(thanks to tom for the link)


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Posted: October 29th, 2007
at 12:34pm by Black Ock

Categories: celebrity,too good to be true,not ninja-worthy,politricks

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