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No, we’re not talking about graffiti, even though we got love for the writers out there. To take a break from our 4-part Asian Art series, and to let us Rockies and Sox fans both recover from devastating mid-week hangovers, we present to you the Coors Lite version of ART DAY!.

Today we’ve thought up a new trick for you; we’ve decided to take this Art Game local and straight to your door. A lot of how we feel about art, as we discussed briefly last week, is that you have to see it to be affected by it. There’s really no reason you should see thousands of billboards and commercials every day and at least not also get a dose of what we civilized people call fine art.AA And art itself is all about how much the viewer values whatever he or she is looking out.AA In order to participate in the Art Game, all you gotta do is look and be a critic, like and dislike.
That’s why every Friday, pretty much rain, hail or snow (and barring such events such as earthquake) we bring you ART DAY! Most ART DAY! posts today feature artists and/or exhibits that you can see around the local Boston or Chi Town area. They don’t need much introduction so we’re just going to jump right in. The important thing to remember about ART DAY! is to click the pics, they will take you to the worthy sources.


I’m happy to report that I’ll be one of twenty artists participating in "The Wall at Central Square" in Cambridge, Massachusetts this week.

Located in the heart of Central Square at 567 Mass Ave., this 81 - foot long wall will present work by internationally known street artists from around the country. This is the first time an event of this magnitude has been done in the Boston Area, which will include poster, painting, 3 - D, graffiti, stencils, and stickers. The exhibit will be open to the public.

My contributions include a giant, pink flower painting and four pasted paintings on paper.

Be sure to check out the press release for all the details.

Many many thanks to Geoff and Gary!

The Wall at Central Square
Artists Panel and Discussion
(participants TBA)
Saturday, October 27, 6pm-7pm
Enormous Room
567 Massachusetts Avenue
A private party will follow.

In case you missed my talk a couple of weeks ago at OPEN SPACE Gallery in Beacon, be sure to check out the audio of it here:

Open Space Talk

Dan Weise of the gallery and I chat about my exhibition at their space, my work and more. It was a real honor to be featured as their guest as well as be their inaugural show.

The exhibition is up until November 4th so there’s still time to come by and check it out!


For those of you School of Visual Arts alumni out there, be sure to check out the Fall issue of Visual Arts Journal. Kathleen Boyle wrote a nice piece about five SVA alumni that use the streets as a canvas for their work: Keith Haring, Rodney Alan Greenblat, Kenny Scharf, KAWS and myself.

The cover (shown above) features my self portrait on West 22nd Street in Manhattan. I pasted that piece up in July of 2006 and the last time I checked it’s still there holding on strong!

What, you thought we were done? Nah fool, it’s only 10 AM. Stay tuned for more throughout the day and scroll on down to check out the rest of this morning’s content.


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Posted: October 26th, 2007
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