food.mnp: the hare krishna edition

no people, this is not just an excuse to post this picture of the rarely seen hare krishna thizz face…


instead i want to highlight the fact that these people (who i always used to think just walked around in a line through city streets ringing bells and whatnot) actually give away free food, and its proper! yea i know what youre thinking… free food? there must be something wrong with it. thats normally my thinking too my ninjas, but having recently moved to the most expensive place on earth, i decided it might be worth it to try some of the grub that these people were offering. to my surprise, it was actually bombs!


today i had the orange stuff, which came with rice and a little piece of vegan-desert that i gave away to my p’n’c. the orange stuff was good, but the other day i sampled the brownish-yellow stuff, and that was sheeerious! really though, this was some quality vegetarian food, well spiced, veggies cooked to an ideal tenderness, perfect rice to curry ratio-it was so good actually that i fell asleep in the library within a half an hour of eating (i generally dont condone eating food unless it makes me sleep within forty-five minutes of consumption). the other nice thing about it was that i didnt feel like i was being proselytized, there was no members-only rules, no brainwashed eye-glazing, no weird literature being given out, none of that feckray found at places like common ground (my favorite cult-dining locale), this was just plain commitment-free food-gratis! so if anyone else is too cheap to eat food that you gotta buy, head over to SOAS around lunchtime and stand in line with all the trendsters for a plate of goodness. it sure beats eating at places like this—



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Posted: October 23rd, 2007
at 2:00pm by trizlam

Categories: life,too good to be true,apple,grub,fo' real?

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