ee-ko-sis-tem’ay : Ecosystem design

read the ecosystemae manifesto (8 pages html)

Amplify. When Environment Design and Continuous Experimentation are practiced together synergistically, the outcome of people’s efforts are amplified, sometimes significantly. Also, the safety and stimulation provided by well-designed environments makes Continuous Experimentation less risky and more natural.

Expand. When Environment Design and Create a Gap are practiced together synergistically, people learn and expand more rapidly and more comprehensively. Environment Design feeds the expansive effects of peoples visions, while providing the safety necessary for people to take more risks.

Inspire. Continuous Experimentation can be incredibly inspiring when there is a bigger game to play. And, the bigger game is far more fun and exciting when it is not fettered with rigid goals and instead characterized by experimentation and serendipity.

Evolve. When all three practices are in play, synergistically, the result is evolution. Evolution is not the same as change. Change is executed in response to a particular alteration in the environment. Evolution is not about responding, per se. It is about being tuned to your environment and yourself, such that responding to changes around you is very natural.


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Posted: October 23rd, 2007
at 6:00pm by Koookiecrumbles

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