Ninjarish Worms

If you haven’t checked out the myninjaplease feature on vermicomposting with red worms, then you probably haven’t lived, and you might be seriously unaware of the depth of our network.

Our green.mnp women/o.g. ninjas are currently doing a feature on using red worms to compost bits of trash. It’s a green idea with added bonuses. Not only do you get sweet sweet worm java, which can make your plants happy as hell, but you also get a thousand creepy crawlies as pets. Jessie and Andrea are keeping us updated with their Savage Worms journal entries.

Sound appealing to you? Head over to green.mnp to check out week four, or catch up on the previous postings:


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Posted: October 17th, 2007
at 8:36am by Black Ock

Categories: too good to be true,green,science

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