Reinventing the Shipping Container Part 3

bienvenido otra vez a "design tuesdays." i was talking with a lasted entrepreneur on a spiral gulf and learned that supply chains and shipping containers are not as simple as people like to describe them..we can’t transfer existing jobs/materials very effectively with the launch of an information war. and containerization is definitly an enabling-disrupter of the cost of shipping. these confirmations push me to believe that the internet protocol is as solid as that 2006 past hype.

we can arm up and brush off our toes, but the shipping container is the pharaoh of the boxes. rude to think and murder to speak - but we let the world fiction our garbage into recyclable trees. and thats kinda hard to do. so we now have designer packaging that the rest of the world has been throwing out for the first time in abundance- is Bob Villa the only dude on TV/internet that isn’t coming at shipping containers from a economic/metaphorical viewpoint?

shipping containers can help explain what could be called the "french fry effect."

one fry for us - one for you, two fries for you - one and one fries for us, three fries for you and one and one and one fries for us. given this assumption of how trade is working shipping containers become a lot more important in creating affordable housing for all. uniformity of these rubbish wrappers will allow global parties to trade their Yugo for a greened out Cadilac if ISBUs are considered a material for construction and not just a substitute to permit progressive design.
[photos courtesy of nyc-architecture]

learn more about the pharaoh of globalization/containerization

dark matter economics | What is the fate of manufacturing in the I-Cubed Economy?


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Posted: October 9th, 2007
at 8:00am by Koookiecrumbles

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  2. I am now homeless, and would like to have a container home, in barbados but I realy need help, it could be a model for others.



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