You think you’re lethal? My ninja, please!

For an upcoming program on the awesome National Geographic Channel, a high-tech dojo was created, complete with crash test dummies and high-speed cameras.AA The a€oeFight Sciencea€A lab has led researches to better understand how martial artists generated the power that they do, and led to some really cool statistics.AA In one experiment, the researchers had experts in karate, boxing, kung fu and tae kwon do take turns striking a dummy in the face, to see who could deliver the most force in a single punch.AA The winner was boxer Steve Petramale, whose strike delivered about 1,000 pounds of impact force, the equivalent of swinging a sledgehammer into someonea€™s face.

Next, the researches tested the power of various kicks. They found that a tae kwon do spinning back kick delivered more than 1,500 pounds of force, while a kung fu flying double kick delivered about 1,000.AA The undisputed winner though, which should not come as a surprise to anyone who follows martial arts, was a practitioner of the lethal art of Muay Thai, often called Thai boxing in the west.AA Former two-time Muay Thai world champion Melchor Menor is famous for delivering brutal knees to the chest of opponents at close range while he holds his opponenta€™s head stationary (known as a a€oeThai clencha€A).AA The result?AA An impact with power equal to a 35mph car crash!AA Equally impressive, were ninjitsu hammer fists, which were determined to hit with the same force as a rubber bullet.AA And, an old martial arts legend was confirmed a€" a kung fu punch is indeed faster than any snake strike a€" measuring at 40 feet per second!AA For all you novice ninjas out there, remember one thing a€" Footwork -AA the motion capture cameras showed that all of the martial artists started their punches in their feet, not their fists.AA To read the full article click here. is also in the process of putting together our own martial arts comparison - we will not be using crash test dummies though, instead, we are taking it back to the non-weight class days of early MMA competitions, pairing super-flyweight krav maga expert pheezatron against super heavyweight ninjitsu practicioner Black Octagons.AA Stay tuned for the photos of the match.


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Posted: August 15th, 2006
at 2:29pm by Pheezatron

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