Barack The Magic Ninja?

Since Don Imus got fired, I, as well as many others, have been wondering where the line will be drawn between free speech and hurtful speech.AA I do not in any way endorse Rush Limbaugh.AA I am simply posting this because it’s patently ridiculous and I wanted to know what you ninjas out there think about the fact that Rush is playing this on his show.

Barack the Magic Negro Cartoon

That questionable cartoon is at the beginning of this questionable article from this wholly questionable blog.
From Alternet


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Posted: April 25th, 2007
at 2:26pm by Black Ock

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  1. Greetings,

    I would be said “questionable’ author of said ‘questionable’ post on said ‘questionable’ blog.

    My suggestion in the future would be to simply ask the question. They’re free, ya know.




    25 Apr 07 at 10:19 pm


  2. […] You know what’s classy? Magic Negro Political Candidates! This certain goodness was done by Rush Limbaugh himself, no stranger to racial controversy (remember him getting kicked off of ESPN’s pregame football show for saying Donovan McNabb was only a good ‘black’ quarberback?). Well, guess what! Rush Limbaugh the magic dopeman / hillbilly charmer that enthralls millions upon millions of unwashed Middle State caucasians with many a story of delusional tales of liberal wrong doing. Now, of course, it’s this latest episode — Barack Obama the Magic Negro sung by ‘Al Sharpton’ to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon. What wonderful timing too! Especially just a couple of weeks after the whole nappy headed hos controversy (which was less magical and more negroe-y). I wonder if Al Sharpton / Jesse Jackson have washed the blood off of Imus’ noose yet?? […]


  3. I may have to snag that article onto my site, but otherwise:

    I find it not really that offensive, and doesn’t quite take anyone’s side. It seems to go through the concept of ‘Magic Negro’ and attempt to soften its blow by, at the very end, seem to portray that Obama is not one of them, and that he is out there out of the goodness of his heart.

    I do agree with many points, for example:
    He mentions about the questioning of his authenticity, which I find rather significant. So many african-americans are stereotyped before they ever open their mouth. Because of mass media and how, perhaps, many celebrity blacks are shown, too many people tend to, indirectly/unconciously pass those same stereotypes to blacks who could be potential employees, co-workers, bosses, students and friends. It is quite a shame, and does happen more than one would realize, I have some personal experience (not ME personally, someone close), who does deal with that, and has even been questioned about her ‘blackness’ which i find (pardon me) retarded.

    Anyway, back to the point, I also can understand some of the points he raised about other famous black people who have ‘appealed’ to white america. And while they have had their high points, indirectly and ignorantly much of white america seems to be able to find some of the mentioned names easy to ‘reach out and touch’ with their own hand without feeling threatened for whichever reason (most often it is the guilt a black man can put on a white man even though neither of them experienced the intense hardships of slavery or life soon after). This is a wrong attitude, one shouldn’t look at a black man and say they are they’re favorite ‘black actor,’ and in the same respect, should never, EVER (take it from me), tell a black woman she is the most beautiful black woman you’ve ever met, she is the most beautiful WOMAN you’ve ever met.

    While it may seem harmless, it really is extremely harmful. Both to the recipient of the ‘would-be’ compliment, and to the furthur portrayal of a ‘black-person’ as another category. There should be no difference between black or white (or asian, mongolian, canadian, etc…), it should just be.

    I hate to be idealistic, but it really is possible, while the eye may see different, if you really think for a few seconds there is no difference. A gang of guys up to no good, is a gang of guys up to no good regardless of where you are.

    And as a second piece of advice. Don’t say:

    “I’ve never known a hot/been attracted to [insert race/nationality here] before I met you.”

    It’s because you haven’t met enough. They’re out there.


    Smokin Joe

    27 Apr 07 at 2:14 am


  4. How exactly is Barack not ‘black’ enough to scare white America? Why is it that because he speaks like an adult, and not like a rapper, that he’s suddenly stripped of his ‘blackness’? I mean, if we’re going to be racial about the whole thing – the man is black. End of story. If our country wasn’t such a giant mess, and conservative republicans didn’t run shit through hate mongering, than it wouldn’t matter what color/ethnicity/religion/sex our presidential candidates were – BUT, that’s not the case. So at every turn people like Rush have to remind us all that this man just so happens to be black. Don’t forget it people!

    How fucked up is it that we have to be reminded? Its not because he’s not ‘black’ enough to be scary, its because he’s enough of a real person that you see Barack first, and ‘black guy’ sometime later [if at all]. My guess is that this type of ignorant BS will only continue as the presidential race continues – constantly reminding America that Barack is black, and leaving him no room to be victorious. If he acts like a man, and not a stereotypical ‘black man’, then he can’t win because he’s not ‘black enough’. If he acts ‘black’ [how’s he supposed to do that?] then he’s a scary black man running for president, and he can’t win because white America won’t vote for him. SHIT IS RIDICULOUS.

    So, let the shenanigans begin people – because this won’t be the last time we see things like this regarding Obama – it’s just the start of over a year of ignorance to ensure that he won’t win the presidency. Let the conspiracies begin…


    27 Apr 07 at 9:50 am


  5. huh?


    27 Apr 07 at 9:52 am


  6. In my opinion, I don’t look at him as ‘black’

    I look at him as (personally speaking) the best candidate available to dig this country out of this mess. Besides, if you look at him, get pissed at those who question his ‘blackness,’ and consider him black, then why not also consider him white too? His mother was white you know.

    I feel when people mention they don’t feel ‘threatened’ by Obama, it’s because he doesn’t, or should I say NEVER EVER EVER, has mentioned his contempt brought on because of past history. Basically, a lot of black americans or people in power/fame have brought on this ‘guilt’ to the white person, we all know slavery was abolished, blah blah, rare know that life after slavery was in many ways WORSE for black-americans, but anyway back to the point, Obama doesn’t look at these historical events and a jumping point for today’s politics.

    He realizes what’s happened has happened, and the only way to move forward is to move on from whats happened but to NEVER forget and hope to use the lessons learned to make better decisions in the future. I’m sorry if I can’t get my point across, there are a lot of articles out there that can relate what I’m trying to say a lot better than I’m doing right now. But basically, he’s a young man, (some say too young for a pres. run), but I look at it as perfect, in today’s gov’t you can’t get anywhere without making some deals, which in turn can result in some bullshit situations (all of bush’s idiot buddies running various agencies THAT LIVES DEPEND ON).

    Obama doesn’t have any of this, he has experience in local, state, and now federal gov’t, he’s not an idiot, he knows how the system works and realizes it all has flaws. Another potential drawback was his call for a troop removal by April, however, too many people associate troop removal with simply leaving the region altogether. I remember in his book, “The Audacity of Hope” he mentioned that after 9/11 happened he was (And now I can totally see, if I were more educated that I could be optimistic too) looking forward to the new Foreign Policy of the 21st century, one that dictated how we would deal with Friendly Nations to our Enemies who harbor the terrorists similar to the 9/11 attackers. Instead we got a violation of our rights in the Patriot Act, and several rehashed policies from FDR and other past presidents, not exactly groundbreaking, and can lead to why people believe that withdrawl=”run back to country and stick head into ground.”

    He also understood the importance of WWII, and in a very interesting way:

    It formed a bond that no disputes or debate could ever break. In the aftermath of WWI and WWII, there was something that almost all men had, the emotion and epic craziness that war brings about. So when, in gov’t (wow, officials who were VETERANS? impossible!), politicians who may have been debating until they are red in the face, could always meet together after work for dinner or some beers, it was as this bond enabled them to set aside differences to simply get their job done.

    This lack of aggression against each political party helped some monumental bills/laws pass and decisions be made. I feel his respect for history, and to realize that we SHOULD repeat things that work while researching and learning to develop new ideas that build on what work.


    Smokin Joe

    27 Apr 07 at 12:18 pm


  7. another thing:

    I wish I could find this interview, but I found it hilarious when it was shown more black americans were showing support for hilary over obama, and so many people were acting like this was so baffling, like black people were supposed to follow a black candidate like a moth a light.

    Anyway, al sharpton came on and said:

    listen, the black vote isn’t just a garauntee, it has to be earned, look what happened when I ran for president, hardly any black people voted for me.

    I’m paraphrasing but it’s so true, so many people ignorantly assume that black people will just follow the black candidate, so stupid, if obama doesn’t have that high a rating in the polls, it’s probably because more people were favorable to hilary’s plan.

    I find it insulting to both the opposing candidate’s plans and ideas, and to the candidate in question, and hell, the mass population of whichever race/nationality one is speaking of. Instead of giving credit where credit is due, stupid assumptions or comments are made.

    makes my head hurt sometimes.

    Smokin Joe

    27 Apr 07 at 12:24 pm


  8. awww, anything? something?


    tee hee.


    Smokin Joe

    28 Apr 07 at 1:50 am


  9. are you saying that the US is ready for an indian president and not a black president?!


    29 Apr 07 at 5:03 pm


  10. “are you saying that the US is ready for an indian president and not a black president?!”

    Did I say that?

    And if anything, I’m claiming it right now, yeah that’s right, during these times where people still believe so much racism and hate exists along with bipartisanship at its high point in gov’t, I’m still gonna say:

    The US is ready for a President to do what it takes to get this country back to what it should be at, reputation-wise, economically, politically, technologically and educationally.

    And I feel it won’t matter if they are a man, woman, black, white, indian, or WHATEVER. There’s enough of us that are tired of dealing with the same old bullshit that is rehashed over and over again within our political system.

    And I feel our population is ready for someone who’s sick of it all too, someone new, someone who doesn’t necessarily ‘not know what can’t be done,’ but someone who looks at what can’t be done in a traditional sense, and just do it a different way, through compromise, through asking both sides of the spectrum.

    Psst, obama is that guy.


    Smokin Joe

    29 Apr 07 at 6:43 pm


  11. i hate barack obama’s black ass. go gravel. lol.

    most highly venerated chronic

    18 May 07 at 5:23 pm


  12. Barack Obama hates white people! Barack Obama is the anti christ. Everyone says “oh he is such an amazing speaker” but do you know who else was an amazing speaker? Hitler


    16 Mar 08 at 4:09 pm


  13. all good points whatever happened to sasquatch?


    16 Mar 08 at 6:02 pm


  14. ha..


    16 Mar 08 at 7:26 pm


  15. I’m fascinated by the diverse range of views and opinions. Who’s your “go to” guy?

    Kate Lee

    18 Nov 09 at 9:29 am



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