Makiko Sugawa, line drawings with curves…

Makiko Sugawa is a young Japanese artist who does line drawings of young women in various interesting poses, outfits and positions. She has a show at Space Yui in Tokyo entitled "Women’s Private Time," a collection of 50 of her drawings of women. Check out the pictures below, from the pingmag interview with Makiko. Her website isn’t up yet, but you can peep the pictures below and then go see a gallery of her work here. Her illustrations are amazing. If you’re in Tokyo, go by the gallery.

secret world of ninja lace

Interview at Pingmag


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Posted: August 10th, 2006
at 11:25pm by Black Ock

Categories: myninjaplease,art,contemporary

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  1. MAKIKO!!!!! we need to talk!!!! are you in LA?

    Daniel lim from printmaking class needs your help! I want to ask you about gallery yui cause i want to show in japan….i need any good reason to show there.

    email me :)


    daniel lim

    31 Jul 08 at 4:27 am



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