Foldable Chairs and Tables Made of Paper

paper chase -

foldable soft seats

From mocoloco:

"Molo creates and distributes unique and innovative products designed by partners Todd MacAllen and Forsythe. Thata€™s Softseating above, a series of seating elements that use a honeycomb structure that fan open to form stools, benches, and loungers. A sort of fan-flatpack (fanpack?). The multi-use elements can be used as seating, low tables, or even stacked as building blocks and to top it off ita€™s all made out of paper."

These are extremely creative and easily storable, but I just wonder how comfortable they are.

Cop them from Molo

via mocoloco


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Posted: August 10th, 2006
at 10:36pm by Black Ock

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