the saffron belt really exists?

Virtually all saffron is produced in a wide geographical belt extending from the Mediterranean in the west to Kashmir in the east. All continents outside this zone a€" except Antarctica a€" produce smaller amounts. Annual worldwide production amounts to some 300 tonnes, including whole threads and powder.[6] This includes 50 tonnes of annual production of top-grade "coupe" saffron in 1991.[7] Iran, Spain, India (Pampore region/Kashmir), Greece, Azerbaijan, Morocco, and Italy (in decreasing order of production) dominate the world saffron harvest, with Iran and Spain alone producing 80% of the world crop. According to one source, Iran accounts for 96% of world production.[8] Despite numerous cultivation efforts in such countries as Austria, England, Germany, and Switzerland, only select locales continue the harvest in Northern and Central Europe. Among these is the small Swiss village of Mund, in the Valais canton, whose annual saffron output comes to several kilograms.[6] Micro-scale cultivation also occurs in Australia (in Tasmania),[9] China, Egypt, France, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey (particularly in the region surrounding Safranbolu, a city that took its name from saffron), the United States (especially in California and disproportionately by Iranian Americans) and Central Africa.[3][10]



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Posted: March 20th, 2007
at 1:00pm by Koookiecrumbles

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