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For months, Sabine and I were talking about that: taking pictures of the Moon by playing with it. To do a funny thing, something that change with the common Moon pictures. Sabine (the women who is living with me) is a graphic artist. She has alway a lot of ideas. We have discussed of many diffrent situations to play with the Full Moon.
In early August, it’s time to realize our project. The Full Moon must rise a few before the sunset. In a bright sky, Sabine is easily visible, and she will vanish as the night gets deeper.

For the site, the dunes of Treguennec would be a good choice. The dunes aren’t very high, but the beach is large and allows to be far from Sabine in order to have at the same time the focus on Sabine and the Moon. As the Moon will rise, I will have to get closer from Sabine and stay lower at the dune’s foot.

In order to keep the contact, we are using our cellular phones. So I can tell her how to have the good position. I have my headset and Sabine have fix its cellular in her bras!

As soon as the Moon appear, we are ready! [Link]




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Posted: February 11th, 2012
at 5:24pm by Black Ock

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