Applied Sciences NYC - Silicon Alley Grows

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Universities are competing for Roosevelt Island rights, among other places, as a part of a new economic corporation plan, Applied Sciences NYC:

The proposals contain plans for new facilities ranging from just under 400,000 square feet to over 2 million square feet. The institutions propose private investments of more than $800 million in the first phases of their projects, with long-term plans to involve private investment of more than $2.5 billion. The institutions propose to add hundreds of top-tier faculty members, and thousands of new graduate students. Proposals feature plans for new lab, classroom and research space, new public open space, and space for companies that will spin out from these institutions.

Responding institutions said they will be focusing on areas including information technology, digital media, sustainable urban growth, electrical engineering, public health, genome sequencing and computer science. Many proposals contain plans for establishing connections to local K-12 education programs, providing local residents with access to their institutions, and participating in local hiring and Minority and Women-owned Business contracting programs. While the exact amounts differ, all of the proposals envision acceptance of some combination of City-controlled land as well as City capital.

With cities becoming city-states, the true capital will be found in the mayors that bring a populous to life, but can New York City really par up?

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Posted: November 12th, 2011
at 3:36pm by mnp

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