Most Affordable Cities

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: Read more about Niagra Falls (the most affordable) and the criteria :

-Riverdale, Ga. was a historic backdrop to the Civil War, and history buffs can go there to see the Marcus Long House, home to a fallen confederate soldier.
-Coolidge, Ariz. is home to the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, which was created as the nation’s first archeological reserve in 1892, and declared a National Monument in 1918.
-College Park, Ga. is the hometown to well-known R&B performers Ludacris and Monica. The world-class Georgia International Conventional Center is located there as well.
-Detroit, Mich. is the automotive capital of America and the birthplace of Motown.
-Hastings, Fla. is a haven for warm-weather lovers, with an average annual temperature of 69 degrees.
-Cleveland, Ohio, is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
-Lithonia, Ga.’s name means "city or town of stone," and is the heart of the Georgian granite-quarrying and viewing region.
-Trotwood, Ohio is located near Wolf Creek, which is a beautiful fishing destination.
-Sioux City, Iowa is home to many parks, including Stone State Park, a haven for hikers and picnickers.


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Posted: June 29th, 2011
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