We Need Grannies for Startups

Montreal’s International Startup Festival is looking for a few good grandmothers.

The event will gather hundreds of the top technology entrepreneurs around the world for speeches, conferences and festive activities.

The festival is also a venue for small-business owners to make pitches to potential investors and be judged on the quality of their presentations.

However, Philippe Telio, one of the festival’s organizers said there are lots of opportunities to have fun even when being judged.

Enter the grannies. Telio said he would like to recruit a few grandmothers to the panel of judges in order to award one lucky startup the prize for the presentation best understood by a grandmother.

This will be one of several awards handed out to participating businesses.

"We always say that your grandmother should understand what your business is about," Telio said. "So we thought it would be fun to have actual grandmothers judging."

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Posted: June 6th, 2011
at 11:19am by mnp

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