The Choice of Two Teams

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If you’re a designer, imagine you had a chance to work with two development teams.

Team 1: One team has top-notch developers who know virtually nothing about design. They can code miracles, but the designs of their applications are horrible and frustrating to use. And they show no desire to learn anything about design — how it’s done, why it’s important, and what makes a good design versus a bad design.

Team 2: The second team also has world-class developers, but these guys are hungry to learn about design. They’ve already taught themselves a fair amount and are truly interested in learning more. In addition to producing amazing code, they are regularly producing applications that look good, work well, and delight users.

As a designer, which team do you think would more fun to work with? The team that has no interest in designing or the one that really enjoys it?

Practically every designer I’ve talked to about this choice has told me, without hesitation, they would love to work with a development team that appreciates good design and wants to learn more about it. Those designers won’t be constantly battling for the simplest of design choices, instead be focusing on the hard problems with a group that wants to see the best outcomes.

Guess what? Developers feel the same way. If they had a choice, they’d rather work with a design team that understands development and craves to learn more, than with a team that doesn’t make any effort to learn what development is all about. Not just simple front-end coding either. They want to work with designers who understand the architecture and infrastructure, who can relate to the challenges they are up against and can appreciate it when the team has pulled off something amazing.

Learning to code doesn’t just give you new skills, it makes you a more desirable team member.>


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Posted: June 1st, 2011
at 5:18pm by mnp

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