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Trisse co-founder and CEO Tyler York shared an interesting insight with me recently: VCs don’t invest in food. The food "industry" is simply too fragmented and difficult to tame—hence the reason I put "industry" in quotation marks, as if there’s only one. But that didn’t stop York and his co-founder Justin Pincar from starting a business that takes local food national. The site,, offers deals of 25% to 75% off of artisan foods like handmade pastries and chocolate, and today the site launches in beta.

Of course, artisan foods—and services that market artisan foods—are nothing new. Sites like Abe’s Market and Foodzie are fairly comprehensive online food marketplaces that give merchants a space to advertise their tasty wares, like handmade jam, sauces and seasonings, and desserts. The difference is that Trisse will not be an online marketplace, but a Groupon-like deal service for discovering great artisan foods that are vetted by the Trisse team for quality and taste. (Source)


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Posted: May 16th, 2011
at 6:24pm by mnp

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