Never Be Comfortable

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To a lot of people, comfort is the main goal of life. They work hard enough so they can live a "comfortable" life style. They want enough money to not have to worry about things. They spend time around friends that think the way they do so they don’t have to have anyone question the way they view the world (and make them uncomfortable).

If you’re not careful, you work our whole life to get comfortable only to realize that all the growth happens during those times when you were incredibly uncomfortable.

The parts of life where you were extremely uncomfortable were the parts where you grew the most.

Comfort is the kiss of death. As soon as you get comfortable, you start to let down your guard. It gets easy to coast and you lose opportunities to get a lot better. Sure, things could be good enough where you’re at, but if you get comfortable with "good enough", you’ll never be great.>


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Posted: May 13th, 2011
at 9:24pm by mnp

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