The Washing Machine Revolution

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From an interview with Ha-Joon Chang in Ode Magazine:

So what has the washing machine done for us?

"Like other household appliances, it has liberated women from doing household work or doing tedious jobs as a domestic servant. A century ago, 10 percent of the labor force worked in other people’s households. Today, very few people do. Apart from the Industrial Revolution, which decreased the number of farmers substantially, I don’t know of a technology that has almost abolished a whole profession on such a scale, in such short time. In short, the washing machine has allowed women to get into the labor market so that we have nearly doubled the work force."

What else did it do for society?

"Women started having fewer children, gained more bargaining power in their relationships and enjoyed a higher status. This liberation of women has done more for democracy than the Internet. The washing machine is a symbol of a fundamental change in how we look at women. It has changed society more than the Internet."


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Posted: April 27th, 2011
at 11:45am by mnp

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