Reinventing the Shipping Container Part 6

Box Office which is currently 75% leased, built by Distill Studio and great for startups, is a Providence, Rhode Island feature that utilizes shipping containers in an actual application. Check out some of the photos below.

The building is a welcome addition to a blighted area and a model for the sort of green building that that Cicilline said he hopes to make Providence a national leader in. "This area has been long neglected," said City Councilor John Lombardi, who represents Federal Hill. "What they’re looking to do is certainly something different."

The movement to recycle old shipping containers has taken off primarily because there are so many of them in circulation.

Containers, while a cheap and efficient way for companies to send their goods internationally, are too costly to send back to their home ports empty. The result, according to Case, is that there are "literally hundreds of thousands of these things sitting in ports."

Some of the most recognized projects include Container City, a residential complex made of containers in London’s Docklands, that was built in 2001 and today has 37 live-work spaces.

Amsterdam boasts one of the world’s largest container residences: a dormitory complex completed in 2006 with 1,000 units of student housing. And in April, Boston’s Fan Pier played host to Puma City, a temporary collection of 24 shipping containers, arranged into a multilevel Puma retail store with a bar and event space. (Source)

:: All images courtesy of Distill Studio ::


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Posted: April 25th, 2011
at 1:15pm by mnp

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  1. Well… I almost used a container as basis to project my future house as its not so expansive but… they could make some larger ones don´t you think? (yeap, its easy to open twoo and make a connection but then it wont be so cheap) and… in my sunny country its not so easy to manage the roof when you can cook an egg at noom… but its really beautiful to use, and gives us many possibilities.


    8 Jul 11 at 9:45 am



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