‘SideShow’ is making ninjas reconsider MS Vista

While most of the members of the MNP dojo happen to use OSX, and see the fortchoming release of the Microsoft Vista OS as essentially a bloated attempt at appropriating some features that have been part of Apple’s OS for years now, we gotta admit, Microsoft does have some pretty ninja-riffic sh*t up their sleave. Case in point: SideShow.

Engadget’s take on the Ricavision remote pictured above:

…a sweet 2.5-inch QVGA LCD display for Microsoft’s promising SideShow technology; a bit of magicking that hooks the remote into a suite of Media Center "Gadgets" allowing you to extract and display information related to your media. In short, you’ll have damn-near full control over your media center’s TV recordings and schedules, music library, radio presets, and collection of pictures and video. Better yet, the remote works with any Gadget assigned through Vista’s SideShow Control Panel like eMail, calendar, and RSS feeds just to name a few.

SideShow technology is not reserved for just some ill remote controls either. Manufacturers are already employing the technology on laptops - the secondary screen allows the user to check their inbox, battery life etc without turning on the computer or booting up Windows.

Story via Engadget


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Posted: December 22nd, 2006
at 11:34am by Pheezatron

Categories: computers,apple

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  1. just installed xp and running counterstrike


    24 Dec 06 at 4:41 pm



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