Startups and Jobs

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Lots of jobs should be destroyed. Call centers come to mind: many pay shit wages and offer no security. Lots of dreary clerical busy-work can be automated. Can you think of more?

New jobs aren’t all created equal. Startups also create lots of jobs indirectly. I wouldn’t mind being an engineer at Google, but I wouldn’t trade that for being a crafter on Etsy. At least I assume they love what they do and have "flow"; certainly a luxury for most earning on working Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for pennies per task.

300 years ago, some 98% of Europeans were farmers. Now it’s <2%. The creative destruction of entrepreneurs recycled entire industries, giving rise to new jobs that have since been forgotten. Tinkers, coopers and blacksmiths have all but disappeared.

The web is only 20 years old and the information revolution is only getting started. If we do our job, the economy will be unrecognizable in 50 years. By then, our employment obsession - a bizarre relic of the industrial revolution - might be ready for the trash heap of history.>


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Posted: December 29th, 2010
at 12:05am by Koookiecrumbles

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