Abnormal Splotches on Space Shuttle Discovery… Alien Lifeforms… or Bird Shizzle?

Ain't that some shit!

NASA scientists recently made an important discovery: Bird droppings are a resilient construction tool.

The space shuttle Discovery was recently sighted, while in orbit, with a number of white splotches on the black edge of its wing. These splotches of doo-doo were spotted on the shuttle before it took off, which means the droppings withstood the 1,135,590 liters of water that were used to hose down the shuttle and the acceleration from 0 to 17,476
miles an hour during the launch. Now that’s some serious shit! Tony Ceccacci, the lead flight director and lazy ninja extraordinaire, figures it’ll just burn off upon re-entry, when the shuttles edges will reach up to 3000 degrees fahrenheit.

"Usually they can hose it off…Maybe they need a bigger hose."

via IOL


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Posted: July 27th, 2006
at 2:13pm by Black Ock

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